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Explore our library of global case studies to learn how Capstone microturbines are aligning with businesses across various markets to improve their energy consumption through on-site power production. Since 1988, Capstone has shipped thousands of clean-and-green microturbines to customers around the world, logging millions of cumulative operating hours in the field. After all, Capstone is committed to improving the efficiency of the world’s energy infrastructure and reducing pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

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City of Greenfield

The City of Greenfield uses four 60kW stand alone MicroTurbines to maintain the complete water system for the city; from pumping out of the ground, to maintaining pressure and supply to their customers. Why are the microturbines used in stand alone? In the first two weeks of May alone, the local utility had 16 power outages — caused not only by some higher than normal winds, but also by two separate car accidents that required replacement of power poles to restore the electrical utility. The microturbines continually supplied water while the local electrical power was down. The city loves the microturbines and their reliability. They indicated to Capstone's Sr. Field Service Technician, Kurt Mills, that they are adding an additional 1.5 million-gallon water storage tank and considering additional microturbines to maintain the supply and pressure at the new tank site.


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