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Solutions - CHP

chp unit

“Power: Reliable, Efficient & Clean”

Capstone MicroTurbines generate power and heat.

Using both maximizes efficiency and minimizes your facility’s energy bills.

Capstone microturbine systems conserve energy and cut operational costs by creating two forms of energy: electricity and heat.

Using both energy outputs is called cogeneration or CHP: combined heat and power. Onsite CHP is far more fuel efficient and environmentally beneficial than utility power and boiler heating.

The grid-parallel electricity produced lowers a facility’s demand on utility power and dramatically cuts monthly power bills. The heat can be used for water/space heating and/or process heating or drying. This offsets fuel consumed by less efficient boilers or heaters.

The heat generated can also be used for cooling via CCHPCHP Usage using absorption chillers.

In addition to daily energy cost containment, CHP applications of the Capstone microturbines can also provide secure power to keep your business operational and occupants safe even in the event of an extended power outage.

The example on the left shows the efficiencies gained with our 65kW microturbines versus conventional sources.