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Explore our library of global case studies to learn how Capstone microturbines are aligning with businesses across various markets to improve their energy consumption through on-site power production. Since 1988, Capstone has shipped thousands of clean-and-green microturbines to customers around the world, logging millions of cumulative operating hours in the field. After all, Capstone is committed to improving the efficiency of the world’s energy infrastructure and reducing pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Joe Verschleisser, Plant Engineering Manager, Astor Chocolate, USA

Astor Chocolate, housed in a 120,000-square-foot building in New Jersey, turned to Capstone Turbine Corporation for reliable power and to reduce its carbon footprint. The company installed five C60 MicroTurbines® in 2005 in a combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) application. The microturbines produce 300kW of electricity, which is 50–80% of the facility's power needs. More than 2 million BTUs of thermal energy provide the hot water supply, heat the building, and support a 100-ton absorption chiller air conditions the building. "We installed the microturbines to enhance our already developed CHP design and to go further 'green' with the latest technology," Verschleisser said. "The Capstone microturbines have paid for themselves and proven to be dependable and reliable. Astor is proud of our accomplishments in going 'green'."

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