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Explore our library of global case studies to learn how Capstone microturbines are aligning with businesses across various markets to improve their energy consumption through on-site power production. Since 1988, Capstone has shipped thousands of clean-and-green microturbines to customers around the world, logging millions of cumulative operating hours in the field. After all, Capstone is committed to improving the efficiency of the world’s energy infrastructure and reducing pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Jerry Todd, Project Manager & Design Engineer, Dominion Transmission, USA

Three C60 ICHP Capstone MicroTurbines were first installed in 2004 at a Dominion Transmission natural-gas compressor station in Pennsylvania as part of a combined heat and power system. Four years later, the three microturbines were upgraded to C65 ICHP units to provide 130kW of power — enough electricity and heat for all buildings onsite. "The CHP with Capstone microturbines runs really well. The microturbines use less gas and produce more heat than the boilers. We're generating our own electricity and heat for the system. In essence, the heat for the hot water is free. With the microturbines, we've more than doubled our efficiency and don't use as much fuel."

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