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Explore our library of global case studies to learn how Capstone microturbines are aligning with businesses across various markets to improve their energy consumption through on-site power production. Since 1988, Capstone has shipped thousands of clean-and-green microturbines to customers around the world, logging millions of cumulative operating hours in the field. After all, Capstone is committed to improving the efficiency of the world’s energy infrastructure and reducing pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

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A Capstone C1000 and C600 operate on natural gas and biogas produced from York's 26 million gallons of sewage each day. "The Capstone microturbines produce 40 percent more power using the same amount of natural gas than our internal combustion engines, that's incredible. The Capstone turbines had some advantages over other manufacturer's turbines, one being that there was no liquid lubricant in the system at all. It was all air cooled, air lubricated, very low maintenance costs. The only thing that we routinely need to check is an air filter, and that's it. The other thing that people don't think about with a wastewater treatment plant is we also have the air to deal with. These microturbines emit so much less air pollution than the engines that we currently run to the point where I may not even have to report to the agency, the DEP, the amount of pollutants — it's going to be negligible."

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