Jiangsu Jintongling Fluid Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Corporate Address
135 Mid Zhongxiu Road Nantong
Jiangsu Province China

Phone: +86 513 68615575
Fax: +86 513 68615573

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Jiangsu Jintongling Fluid Machinery Technology Co., Ltd (Herein after referred to as JTL) was established in 1993, and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. JTL is a modern advanced manufacturing corporation which consists of R&D, manufacture factories and customer service department. Meanwhile, JTL has excellent ability in system integration including power generation island, high pressure air supplying station, MVR, renewable energy, sewage aerated system, energy-saving in air system etc, and is qualified to provide multiple business forms such as EPC, BOT, BOO etc.

Business Focus

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Critical Power Supply
  • Renewable Energy