Can be paralleled up to 30MW of power

1,000 kW
Up to 90%
400-480 VAC
50/60 Hz, Grid Connect
10-60 Hz, Stand Alone
3-Phase, 4-Wire Wye
3.0 m (117 in)
9.1 m (360 in)
2.9 m (114 in)
Grid Connect – 17,100 kg (37,700 lbs); Dual Mode – 20,650 kg (45,500 lbs)
10.9 MJ/kWh (10,300 BTU/kWh)
280 ºC (535ºF)
6.7 kg/s (14.7 lbm/s)
Natural Gas, Liquid Fuels (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel #2), Biogas (Landfill, Digester), Associated Gas, Sour Gas, LPG
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