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Solutions - CCHP

“Energy Efficiency the Cool Way”

The heat output of Capstone MicroTurbines can be used to both heat and air condition your facility via absorption cooling.

In summer months, your energy bills can more than triple due to higher peak power rates and increased power usage due to air conditioning.

But your Capstone systems can optionally chill water or water/glycol with absorption coolers, which use heat energy, instead of electric energy, to create air conditioning. Sounds counter-intuitive, but absorption chilling has been used for decades at tens of thousands of buildings.

Most absorption chillers burn natural gas to create heat that drives the process. But today, quite a few buildings use the “waste” heat from their microturbines to create both building heating and cooling.

That’s trigeneration or CCHP: combined cooling, heating & power. Cooling when it’s hot, heating when it’s not and reliable, affordable power every day.

For example, a Citibank Building near San Diego and an office building right around the corner use the exhaust heat from their Capstone systems to drive absorption chillers. Pierce College in Los Angeles uses their award-winning ICHP array to do the same. A premium winery in the Napa Valley gets cooling for its caves and processes via a pair of Capstone MicroTurbines and an absorption chiller.


Air conditioning that’s virtually electricity-free is an excellent way to cut operating costs. You can automatically switch between cooling and heating as needed with the advanced functionality of the Capstone microturbines. Your CCHP solution can also ensure your business continues to run nice and cool even in the event of those all-to-common summertime power outages.

This video (12.4 MB) has been prepared by United Technologies Corporation. It describes an installation of UTC Powers' PureComfort™ 240 solution, a cooling, heating, and power system for commercial buildings. The typical PureComfort 240 solution consists of two fuel gas boosters, four Capstone MicroTurbines™ and an absorption chiller. Each microturbine produces 60 kilowatts of electricity for a total of 240 kilowatts. The absorption chiller has a cooling capacity of 110 tons and a heating capacity of 900 MBH.

UL Listed CE Certified C30 and C60/65 MicroTurbine Engine Generator systems are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to UL2200. US UL & Canadian UL listed file Number AU2687. CE certification available.

UL Listed CE Certified The C30 and C60/65 MicroTurbine Stand alone/Grid connect systems are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to UL2200, UL1741. US UL & Canadian UL listed file Numbers AU2687, E209370. CE certification available.