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Solutions - Resource Recovery: Biogas

“Turning Waste into Power”

Biogas Solution

Capstone MicroTurbines can cleanly burn waste gases to create renewable power and heat.

Waste material buried in landfills biodegrades over time to produce methane, carbon dioxide, and other gases. Treatment of domestic wastewater, agricultural waste, and food processing waste using anaerobic digestion also produces methane and other gases. Many sites flare these waste gases; or worse yet vent them directly into the atmosphere. Methane has a greenhouse gas impact on the atmosphere that is 21 times that of carbon dioxide, and burning methane in a flare completely wastes its energy value. So the best environmental solution is to use these waste gases to generate renewable power, and Capstone microturbines can do it cleanly and economically.

Capstone offers its “CR” (for “Capstone Renewable”) line of microturbines specifically designed to operate on these waste gas fuels. While these waste gas fuels contain useable energy, they have low energy density and are usually contaminated with other gases like hydrogen sulfide. This makes using them problematic, and requires specific knowledge of the waste gas constituents and how to treat them for a reliable and low maintenance power generation installation. Capstone has renewable fuel distribution partners with the expertise to provide the necessary fuel conditioning for a complete energy generation system. Capstone’s microturbines make system design easier than using traditional generating technologies because they can operate on a wide range of energy contents, automatically adjust to changing energy densities over time, and can accept high levels of contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S). The Capstone CR30 can accept H2S levels as high as 70,000 parts per million, and the CR65, CR200, and CR1000 are able to operate with up to 5,000 parts per million. This may avoid the need for H2S cleanup altogether, with associated benefits in capital and maintenance costs.

Hundreds of Capstone microturbines are operating on these renewable fuels worldwide, providing a reliable and economical solution to what would otherwise be an environmental problem. Contact Capstone or one of our renewable fuel distribution partners to see what we can do to turn your waste problem into a clean, green, and profitable solution.

UL Classified UL Listed CE CertifiedThe CR65 Biogas and Raw natural fuel MicroTurbine Stand alone/Grid connect systems are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to UL2200 and UL1741. UL listed file Number AU5040. CE certification available for CR30 and CR65 models.